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Dear Anita

Thank you for sharing your love with me this week. I leave Moinos wishing I could stay, but learned the things I came here to learn, and then some. I will be forever grateful for your insights, tools and strength - for your power! - and will never forget you.

With love, Gillian

Gautama the Buddha

"This existence of ours is as transient as Autumn clouds...
To observe the birth and death of beings; is akin to the movements of a dance...
A lifetime is like am instant flash of lightening in the sky...
Rushing by, like a torrent down a steep mountain"

If you really do wish to change...

Then Start Now!

Anita's Blog

Ladakhi / Himalayas

My Beloved Mother

(29/10/2013 @ 11:34:00)

It has been a while since i wrote to you all. Sometimes the flow of life does not allow for us to do everything we would like to!

I arrived in Abadiania with a great need to rest and sit in the current rooms connecting to Spirit and Self. After those very difficult and heart wrenching months of Mums death and the others in my Family and taking care of everything that it leaves in its wake....

In some ways i am still hurting and in the process of letting go... not only of My Beloved Mother but the inner child within that suddenly had no home base no security on Earth and dreams..... there are also subconcious parts that need to be addressed.

So here at the Casa i had a few days to " arrive" and sit in current.... ( my favourite most vital home)

Then my first group arrived November start. Time sailed by and they all received a lot from being here, all felt strongly their operations/interventions and went home happy to be have here finally and to continue with their process back home. I am always touched and amazed how people really feel exactly where they have been worked on during and after these ops....and no physical contact at all. Is still amazing for me even though i am now in my 11th year here at the casa and seen many many healings and supported may groups.

I have recently also had a lot of positive feedback from the distant healings. Some trully unbelievable. Many simply very supportive.

Then in between the next group coming Start January just now, i have launched myself onto a new diet or lets say way of eating and am involved in cleaning my body mind emotions in how i eat drink and therefore think and feel. It is like a renewal and a commitment to my life and well being while in the body. Also to the Casa and the wonderful and caring Entities of light that work through here and John Of God. They always have reiterated we must also full-fill our part of the work they are offering to us ... with faith surrender and helping to support the changes they are helping us with in the body mind emotions and soul.

I have always said to groups please try not see if as a magic wand fast fix healing coming here, even though there have and still are many whom do receive amazing smooth, wondrous or immediate healings, we must enter into the Spirit of the work too and so support the needed changes to allow deep healing and to sustain it.

Good diet is a really beneficial part of this and for many many people with dis ease, one of the most important changes you can do for your well being and to reverse the dis ease process into a healing process , is to GIVE UP SUGAR in ALL forms! Relpace the need for this false energy "food" with natural coconut oil ...3 to 4 tablespoons a day. It worked for me and i have been a sugar addict for my whole life. I feel the difference in One month. I cannot believe i managed it so easily! I feel is partly to do with help of entities here and being here and too a mind set that sees it as loving myself by feeding my body what it needs to be loved and well. So self love and not out of a mind set of what i am denying myself!

Also here theres amazing Acai drinks and deserts that are very very healthy as well as being delicious!

Christmas and New year are usually quiet here but this year was unusual busy at the Casa and New Year very much so. Beautiful sky painted with rainbow colours of a rich array of fireworks to bring in the New Year At the Casa New Year Party in the presence of John of God, lovely singing , music and a lot of noise!

Too this time of year theres a beautiful display of rich tapestry of colours in the skies above here especially rainbows. I have never seen so many and thats special to me as mums song at her funeral was "Somewhere over the rainbow...)

My Last group arrived early January and have just left...such a lovely group of people they came all knowing each other already ( although this is in no way a pre-requisite.)
They left a couple of day ago with deep wishes and intentions to be back this year soon as they can, and i look forward to having them back again . It is always like gathering New friends and my heart always feels that familiar pang as they drive off in the taxis , to fly home again. It does touch me how connected we become in the few weeks they spend here. It is also moving to see each and every one shift in that short time and go away happier, healthier, opened and love filled, in a real tangible and obvious way.

That is truly part of the beauty of my service here with my groups. So Thanks to those whom came this last month or two.

This year John of God will offer some work in Austria and Australia and this is really good for those unable to come here in person. However be aware this is not the same as coming to be here in Abadiania and being in this immensely valuable and powerful energy field and crystal plateau. John of God often asks those whom come to these outside daily events to come to Brazil and Abadiania Casa residential healing village to be able to receive deeper healing and opening to spirit realms.

So heres looking forward to the next ones and before that some highly valuable time to sit in current rooms here and work as Medium, especially the all important Operations rooms where i usually work.

Have to say too that the Casa is more and more popular and am completely amazed at John Of Gods capacity to handle all these people every week, month year and lifetime! There are a lot of expansions going on in opening up the casa physically, including a new area for soup kitchen , coffee bar and shop, as well as soon expanding the main waiting hall area, without much disturbance to the work and healing, so thats good.

Some of you might have noticed that i have also added a new page/item to my site and one that i love and enjoy immensely. This is offering my time and service via Skype or in some instances via Phone, sessions of hypnotherapy/healing and counselling as well as astrology guidance and even time to explore and give information on the Casa work and John Of Gods work here in Brazil.

I will also spend a little more time in nature to soothe my spirit and nourish my self now so i can be ready for my next visitors/groups. Try come before the World cup June for best prices tickets ! May 25th group would be a good choice so far... rains have stopped and all is fresh green and lush in colour and vibrance. ( Plants around here grow overnight it seems in full obvious view!)
Now time to go for a walk and get some fresh air ( maybe a few rainbows will appear today as it rains out there yet too then the sun appears in its typical, full Brazilian splendour!)

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