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Dear Anita

Thank you for sharing your love with me this week. I leave Moinos wishing I could stay, but learned the things I came here to learn, and then some. I will be forever grateful for your insights, tools and strength - for your power! - and will never forget you.

With love, Gillian

Gautama the Buddha

"This existence of ours is as transient as Autumn clouds...
To observe the birth and death of beings; is akin to the movements of a dance...
A lifetime is like am instant flash of lightening in the sky...
Rushing by, like a torrent down a steep mountain"

If you really do wish to change...

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Anita's Blog

Ladakhi / Himalayas

enjoying my group and time in abadiania

(11/06/2014 @ 02:05:00)

Hello again everyone,

Has been a little while since i last wrote . I have been busy enjoying guiding my recent and latest group, here in Abadiania. 
As usual they are an international bunch of people : Cuban,Swiss, British, American and Swedish. This group has been a truly lovely group of people and we shared great connections and communication, as well as compassion and insight. Some of whom have come with so called life threatening illnessess. Yet so brave and enjoying being here and learning much. 

The main gift for them has been to absorb the wonderful healing energies of the Casa and to experience first hand John of Gods work here in Brazil. While they have been here these last 2 weeks, there have been several physical operations on the stage for them to witness close up as well as some great healings, like the woman whom rose out of her wheelchair and walked. 
We are nearing the end of this group trip with 3 casa days left to go and the group participants are looking forward to having  further surgery and to sit and bathe in the meditation/prayer/current rooms, where visitors are treated directly by spirit and the power of the energy field of love and light pouring forth throughout every session.

It is as always such a pleasure for me to witness peoples healing and opening up their hearts to spirit and being part of an effective and willing change in peoples lives, hearing their stories and encouraging their new paths . I also learn from every group , there is always more to learn, and i am often humble to tears and my heart is opened wider to embrace and even wider love and compassion.

I have said before that many of these lovely people i meet during my guided trips to John of God, become friends and thats precious.

They know whom they are and Bless them all and all those who come to open up and to change their lives, to heal.

I will leave you here for now as will get an early night in time to meet my group early in the morning for breakfast before heading off to the casa in our pure whites and exited about what the day will bring.
Goodnight for now and as they say in Abadiania and Brazil "Goodnight and sleep with the Angels"

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