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Dear Anita

Thank you for sharing your love with me this week. I leave Moinos wishing I could stay, but learned the things I came here to learn, and then some. I will be forever grateful for your insights, tools and strength - for your power! - and will never forget you.

With love, Gillian

Gautama the Buddha

"This existence of ours is as transient as Autumn clouds...
To observe the birth and death of beings; is akin to the movements of a dance...
A lifetime is like am instant flash of lightening in the sky...
Rushing by, like a torrent down a steep mountain"

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Anita's Blog

Ladakhi / Himalayas

I was mum's carer

(26/09/2013 @ 09:03:00)

Hello Everyone,

Warm thanks and welcome to my first blog. This has taken some time to birth, as very recently i have lost 2 close family members and one of them was my Beloved Mother. This was a deep lesson in healing for me. also a test of awareness in experiencing where i am spiritually and also what the work at the Casa De Dom Inacio really means.

So i felt to share a little of how this was for me, since i was at the Casa at the time.

It was late in June, a couple of months ago and my latest group had just ended. All lovely people and as usual and all had their own individual healing paths and experiences at the casa to move through. It worked beautifully. Many times i see that the people whom come together in each of my groups, seem to gather by some invisible thread, for particular experiences that bond and help each person, as if by some divine order. This group was no exception and death of loved ones was the theme as well as fear of death. It was therefore as you might imagine, a deep and valuable time.

It was during this period that i heard news that my dear Aunt was near to leaving her body and holding on and wouldn't let go.I had the privalage, even though i could'nt be there in person, to be able to help her pass over on the phone , this was both touching,sad and beautiful.

Being at the casa i could also sit in current and as a medium, be able to send much love and light . Then next, suddenly within a few days, i heard mum had been taken into hospital for tests, and two days later they found she had last stage cancer . i couldnt speak to mum as she had hearing problems, but urged the nurses to tell her i was on my way home to care for her and that i loved her very much.

I had changed my flight to fly in a few days time  and was having many intuitive messages and dreams about her passing. I also of course sat in current for her and felt though, a sense of dread. Knowing that God does not always answer our prayers in the way we want things to be... i was very concerned and all my attachment to mum arose.

On the day i was to fly, i received news that i may not make it in time to help her pass as she was unexpectedly deteriorating rapidly. In shock i prayed all that 24 hours trip back home sending mum light and love. During that flight i had a vision of a wide ray of golden light over mums bed and then i knew in my cells it was too late for me to reach her physically and help her pass. I had so wanted to be there with her, as mum had such a fear of letting go and death of the body. I Longed to just caress and soothe her, tell her how much i love her.

I finally reached the hospital, having had no sleep and had to face Mum's body, emptied of Spirit and life force. Having such a close relationship with mum, i was of course devastated and implored her spirit to let me know she was alright . ( Not so long afterwards she did come and let me know) It was her time and that's how it had to be.

I then of course had to go through a period of deep grief and the little child within felt great pain as well as the soul that i feel had spent lifetimes with mum...the pain was indescribable and nothing to do but let it have its way. Please don't make the mistake in thinking as a spiritual guide and medium i ought not to feel sadness at losing someone close, grief is a natural  process and also a highly valuable lesson in letting go.

During these  last few months i had to see to 2 funerals as well as pack up 2 homes and sort out all those many official details required when loved ones pass over. I alone had to see to this and so his is the first time i have had chance and the readiness to be able to start this blog.

I was mum's carer for quite some time, juggling the work i offer at the Casa with John Of God and being there for mum. Also trying to stay in balance amidst all this!

Healing does not always come in the way we expect, and most often healing is learning how to meet what life throws at us with an open heart and mind . Having the right attitude to support our soul's growth, opening to the light and stepping out of the way, brings freedom from suffering. ( Often through suffering) I had to learn i needed to let go of my carer role and that God could do the job without me too! That part of me that was strongly alive in the care and feeling of responsibility for mums well being ; simply had to let go! i was'nt in control of events and actually never was!

It is the Divine source that Is,  we just mistakenly like to feel we are. This offering up ourselves and our beings to a higher power, is such a vital part of what the work at the Casa is all about.
Yes! many physical, as well as very visible healings do occur at the Casa every day, but a large part of our work as mediums or guides or visitors coming for healing, is about learning to give ourselves to the Divine source without reservation. Then Life force and healing energies can enter and transform us . We are often too much in the way of our own healing . Much of my work as guide and in my work as healer is supporting this.

Recently, with Mums passing on, i had to live this for myself and release the shadows in the background that hold human ego in place and so release light within and through me to a deeper level. This is ongoing and i thank the Divine and my teachers and the Casa for help in this.

Now i very much look forward to being back at the casa very soon. My next group is in November ( 4th till 17th) I also look forward to sitting in the current rooms there and the spiritual operation room where i work as medium. To connect deeply with the Divine source is always amplified a thousand fold in those current rooms . So to hold the energy field for visitors coming, as well as at distance for others, Also to connect with Mum's spirit is a beautiful opportunity for me. Am very happy to be back there soon.

I love my work as guide too and enjoy being part of each persons healing and understanding of the work of the entities at the Casa, their own healing process and beyond and look forward to sharing stories and news of casa with you all,
Look forward to writing my next blog from there. Whom knows to perhaps meet you too one day,

With warmth and many blessings,

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