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Dear Anita

Thank you for sharing your love with me this week. I leave Moinos wishing I could stay, but learned the things I came here to learn, and then some. I will be forever grateful for your insights, tools and strength - for your power! - and will never forget you.

With love, Gillian

Gautama the Buddha

"This existence of ours is as transient as Autumn clouds...
To observe the birth and death of beings; is akin to the movements of a dance...
A lifetime is like am instant flash of lightening in the sky...
Rushing by, like a torrent down a steep mountain"

If you really do wish to change...

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Anita's Blog

Ladakhi / Himalayas

your part in healing

(18/04/2016 @ 20:04:00)

Heres  quickie .... and it effects myself and all of us.
We have a big part to play i our healing. It might be old hat and not a new idea by any means... but i just wanted to pop in and remind us all ... this is such an important part of our healing. I would definately advise anyone to come to John of God s Casa de Dom Inacio in Brazil if they want  a great and perhaps the most powerful energy healer and energy love field for healing...yet...
We must realize we do need  to play our part,  Wahts that then ... yes theres diet, theres the right supplements , meditation the right books to support it all , the right healer ect ect..... Self love being so very very important. Yet theres maybe something that escapes us when we embark on a healing journey and it is of upmost importance.... we can in our best intentions do all the right things and go to it all with full  power ...YET that can actually get in the way if is is overdone... or we forget daily to LET GO AND LET actually surrender to the healing energies offered! Open up and let existence..... move through us and trust that IT knows far far  more in its intelliegence what  we need and whats best. Surrender and get out of our own way!! Empty the mind ...or sit back and let things move but see to be aware of the unbound the unknown and then it can fill us and move through us and the strress and blocks ...stuck energy can flow again.
A very simple few words but massive in their implications and impact! This is what i coach my groups with constantly while in Abadiania.... and very beautiful openings happen.
Abadiania and the Casa are truly palpable in their presence of  such a power and does so support this unwinding into trust.
So....... with warmth and godbless for now.... Anita
  Long time Official Casa guide Abadiania

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