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Dear Anita

Thank you for sharing your love with me this week. I leave Moinos wishing I could stay, but learned the things I came here to learn, and then some. I will be forever grateful for your insights, tools and strength - for your power! - and will never forget you.

With love, Gillian

Gautama the Buddha

"This existence of ours is as transient as Autumn clouds...
To observe the birth and death of beings; is akin to the movements of a dance...
A lifetime is like am instant flash of lightening in the sky...
Rushing by, like a torrent down a steep mountain"

If you really do wish to change...

Then Start Now!

Anita's Blog

Ladakhi / Himalayas

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Treks in the Indian Himalayas .. Ladakh.

Venturing past the village I enter the wide open valley of this high mountain desert- land Ladakh, and am happy as a songbird. Tracing this ancient silk route … trekking along happily, I am accompanied by the soft melody of a bubbling brook and an otherwise deep , cushioned silence that drops deep into the innermost part of my being….it is so palpable. The awesome timelessness of this place is alive with ancient vibrations in every footstep!

Sand-dunes eclipse endless bare rocked mountains …with snow peaks hiding majestically behind …like ancient palaces lost in time of this "Shambala” mystic land. My heart opens and my soul takes flight , so expansive…..nature at her best and most beautiful. Ladakh truly is the most beautiful land to trek and retreat into the silence within and without.

I feel such a deep resonance with all that is, so happy to be alive and indeed to BE here! With background music from Zakir Hussain, " music of the desert” spilling from my walkman; I stop for a while…leaning back into a large sand - dune that quickly fits my shape and the heat is intense at midday.I spy a camel train , sultry and exotic as it moves silently and slowly past …in the hazy distance, speaking potently to me of times past as it all unfolds before me. I decide to let them go by undisturbed , secretly witnessing their passage ……. spellbound.

Later , I pass pristine white Buddhist stupas , sitting on the bare mountain side and a distant monastery….as my eyes follow the endless trail snow and rock peaks ..tinged with ethereal golden sunlight …..this light up here is amazing . I am filled with the deep desire to go on and on, and explore more of this timeless mystic land and her unbounded , raw beauty and deep in my bones... another bird takes flight into that vast blue, blue sky. I could trek along forever here!

Heading back as I must to the small Ladakhi village again, I pass others at their daily tasks . ( Here work and pleasure are one) The people are so warm and hospitable and their big round or slanting eyes speak volumes of their depth of character and general humane goodness.

They really do radiate Joy with their sun and win-burned cheeks , wide white smiles and premature wrinkled faces! With eyes that are alight with quietness and humbleness of soul , they are childlike and gay, and carry a presence that tells of dignity, and a self respect that comes from a simple ( if harsh and hardworking) fulfilling lifestyle. There is a real sense of community and oneness with their natural environment.
Eco-trekking in Ladakh is the best way to support the land and her people, from the ever threatening blindness of modernisation and the kind of trekking tourism that has ruined other mountainous regions of the world. The sense of community and inner dignity in Ladakhi people really shines through.

I cannot help but feel more than a little sad at the sharp contrast of our often hectic , stressful and automatic alternative , It hits me again with a deep tinge of despair in my heart that comfort and luxury do not bring happiness or fulfilment ….nor an integral sense of belonging… and community and heart.that these Ladakhi folks have.
As i trek back along the ancient winding road , near the sand-dunes towards my next village guest house, in this ephemereal Ladakhi Nubra valley ..... i carry a sense of wholsomeness and lightness . So happy to be alone with existance and her abundance.

Later as I am sprawled in a tired and timeless daze, happily under the warm covers of a giant wooden bed , I fall asleep in a silence so deep you can hear it! With thousands of stars spilling through my mind …up in this crispy cold Ladakhi village night ……I feel as if I am about to fall over the edge and into that vast open space out there, so at peace and touched to be part of it all! Ladakh and your haunting beauty ... your endless mountains and valleys... I love You!!

Ladakhi Oracle healer

As we entered the Kitchen ( The inner sanctuary, altar ….. heart ,hearth and home , of this wizened old Ladakhi healer,s home.) We are bade to sit in front of her ….as she recognizes us. She sits amongst her implements of herbs , cups of seeds, knives , sticks of twigs (healing wand) and blessed water …in the midst of clouds of juniper incense and the magnificent multi-coloured headdress and robes she dons piece by piece as she invokes the spirits…

This small frail old elder with an indomitable spirit has been endorsed by the Dalai Lhama himself and is perhaps the most famous Oracle in Ladakh. (an Oracle is a healing channel and someone whom has the ability to read into people's lives and offer advice and support.) She is a deep trance medium and calls ancient deities and spirits to enter her and perform healings and advise people with their life issues. People come from all over Ladakh and to seek her help …including a few travelers ( whom have come to the region to trek or go on meditation retreats from all over the globe. )

She has been know to hold a knife in the fire and burn the tip of her tongue with it's tip , to display her invulnerability!Oracles can brandish weapons , spit , shout , suck out the negative energies that cause disease …as well as perform exorcism to relieve the patients of any spirit attachments they are holding.

The Oracle is swaying back and forth on her knees falling deeper and deeper into trance , ringing bells , chanting and drumming …calling the spirits as I fall with her…. golden sunlight playing with the shadows in the little darkened kitchen, that seeps through the small windows above my head.

I am finally bade to bend forward and she hits me between the shoulder blades with her twig wand , amid thick clouds of incense. She bends to suddenly suck out negative energy from my abdominal area ..blesses me and advises me on various aspects of my life.

After , others one by one , are blessed or hit , sometimes scolded, for their part in the disease they wish to heal …. Till all have been seen.

I leave this smoky, humble and cozy dwelling which is nestled amongst some of the most spectacular bare rocked , snow mountain scenery in the world this high mountain desert area of Ladakh ….with great reticence and a deep tug in my heart area!

As i exit the kitchen .. i look back and gaze past the glow of Tibetan butter light candles aglow around the room , past the sunrays which carry golden dust particles from the tiny windows ….I feel the promise of mystic realms revealed.

The stark blue vibrant and open sky out there , the waft of home cooking and warmth , together with the knowledge that tomorrow I will be leaving this wonderful country and her people ….brings tears that flow easily and silently and a deep promise to return again soon to Ladakh!
Anita Fuller.
Anita would like to mention that this is her favourite natural place in the world, and together with it's people and culture remains deeply embedded in her heart and soul. She therefore highly enjoys to offer others this experience while it still remains relatively untouched and takes care to support all local and ecological staff and small companies up there. Her other favourite spot in the world is Abadiania in sunny central Brazil ... but for different reasons. This centre is a very powerful energy field for healing, and she acts as guide to take people needing healing with the famous world reknown spirit healing medium and psychic surgeon John of God.


This is an awe inspiring journey that reaches to the core of my heart and soul words nor pictures could ever describe that boundless timeless breath taking beauty of being up there • the presence of spirit that palpably runs through every rock trail, face and breeze over your face • That pure vast open silence that drops to the very center of your being!

Those magical remote lunar like mountains lakes and valleys. Pure, pure, air • and again that silence • where time stands still • Those night sky stars that you really feel you can reach out and touch • so clear up there! So peaceful and the lovely child like simplicity of the openhearted ladakhi people - whom are full of hospitality and still so connected to spirit, earth and humankind values. It is truly such a wonderful place to go trekking or perhaps retreat into meditation..... or to simply embark on a beautiful adventure in some of the highest regions on Earth.....
I am happy to offer you this chance to embark on this journey with me as your guide both in inner and outer landscapes • Together with my local guides up there in the Indian Himalayas, I shall do my up-most to give you an unforgettable & transformative, enjoyable experience • Drawing on my deep respect, love and experience with the lovely ladakhi people, and on my many years (over 30) of being involved in and working with healing, hypnotherapy and meditation, group facilitator, and explorer of both this planet and my soul searching self!

Ladakh and surrounding areas in the Indian Himalayas, is one of the worlds natural power places and remains still quite untouched - • It is a journey that lends stronger support for a deeper connection to the earth, her spirits and splendor whilst tuning into higher dimensions of universal spirit source.
I will encourage you every step of the way to release the past , pain & negativity and to walk into a fresh life and aliveness of the present moment. It is my wish that you leave this trip inspired , with a definite sense that you've walked through a new doorway into a more peaceful and energised way of being and a deeper connection to the source within. We will have support of like-minded friends and group sharings / meditations and private sessions if needed.
Trip up to Leh from Manali in Himachel Pradesh .
The trip includes • a 4 or 5 day jeep safari in spectacular areas • camping accommodation, • food (simple but wholesome) on one of the most beautiful routes in the world; Manali to Leh • Plus a pony trek / walk , exploring inner ladakh - After Leh
The trek demands average fitness level and on a easy basis! (A beginners trek!) • Including camp accommodation, cook, food, guide, back up jeep & spiritual guidance. Also included in and between these trips are nice hotels in Delhi , Manali and Leh, all transport (except in the uk) My guidance! (Spiritual and otherwise) and a possible chance to visit a ladakhi oracle healer (A Tibetan or ladahki shamanic healer who goes into trance and incorporates spirits to heal through her , but this depends on her availablilty at the time which is always unpredictable.)
Due to the trip taking place in lands where the people have a different relation to it; please come with a flexible allowance in mind for any changes in itinerary. (We will do our very best to keep things on track and will any way endeavor to serve your desire for having a good time & to take care of your well being).

Proposed Itinary.
Day 1
Fly to Delhi • together or meet in Delhi or meet in Delhi airport on a day agreed to meet group (please co-ordinate your travel plans, if you fly separately to arrive on the same day / time as group!). Will either stay a night in Delhi or continue onto Kullu, Manali, depending on arrival times and other considerations.

Day 2
Delhi onto Kulu and Manali.

Day 3
Manali. Hotel check in, rest explorer prepare for jeep safari and explore town & take in beautiful surrounding mountain scapes • shop • Group meetings.

Day 4 / Day 5 / Day 6 / Day 7
Jeep Safari - Manali - Leh. This will include approx 5 hours a day traveling in stunning beauty and long camp stops to explore , and enjoy the area ,share, meditate and rest.

Day 8 / Day 9
Check into hotel in small capital of Ladakh; Leh to rest, shop and take personal "time out" visit the Leh Monasteries ect.

Day 10 / Day 14 /15
4 day pony trek / walk • into inner Ladakh following beautiful pony trails (No roads!) days will be spent as the flow moves us, (ponies will carry your heavier gear, but please bring light day backpack to carry easy to reach items like; water, t-shirt, creams, snacks, etc). Making camp & being stationary will make up quite a portion of this trek to enjoy! "being" in nature & spirit with self / group, to relax, explore on your own nearby surroundings, to share, meditate, cook and generally rake time out to reflect - this is also an open spaced invitation to release issues you'd like to transform (Private Sessions with me are possible when appropriate).

Day 14/15
Arrive in Leh. Check into hotel, refresh, rest, shop, personal time & group meeting.

Day 16/ Day 17
fly to Delhi over the full view of the spectacular Himalayas we earlier drove through! back to UK or your respective countries.

Full cost is £2000 (includes international flight and all inland travel /flights) if you travel independently to Delhi and meet group in airport, the cost is £1550)
Fees cover; • all transport in india.• A 5 day Jeep Safari, with Accommodation, • food • cook • guides • a 4 day horse trek, with accommodation• food • guides & spiritual support • (both these trips are with camp accommodation) • Includes also hotels in Indian citie and towns & my guidance fees.
The above cost is for our standard 16 or 17 days itinerary If you wish to extend the activities we can advise you for a extended independant stay. Extra pocket money will be needed for souvenirs, bottle water, snacks and meals in towns / cities. All of which will cost an average of an extra £200 for the whole trip , accounting for a bit extra for souvenirs • they have stunning shawls & handicrafts, jewelry etc! This is an apporoximate .
Travel insurance
Please secure your own health/travel insurance (to cover all eventualities like repatriation and hospitilisation you could also bring a simple travel medical kit including, re-hydration sachets, and high altitude tablets, pain killers, and sun cream & something for upset tummy! Some of which can be found in India itself but quality may be compromised.

What to bring.
Good warm Sleeping bag • Warm jacket for passes & nights (days are sunny and warm to hot.) • Warm socks • gloves • hat • sunglasses / scarf for sun • good walking boots • sandals • T-shirts • vests • cotton tops • pullover• comfortable trousers • shorts (not too tight girls!) A long dress or similar for town wear and day time (if you wish females) • The typical Inidan style Salwar chemise can always be bought in India for reasonable price. ) leggings / or change of warm underwear • torch • something to read (books are easily bought in india in english) • Be sensible about the the weight for your backpack for the small time you are carrying it, it is still good not to be too heavy. • Camera - A must have item! (Although the Beauty of Ladahk needs to be experienced first hand and cannot be successfully captured on film - many still wish to!) • A personal stereo may well be well worth bringing for listening to on your time alone or whilst trekking. (Batteries can be found in towns everywhere in india.) Or por ipods .... can be charged when i hotels just bring an international charger adaptor!

Reservations for Ladakh
Due to the fact that the kingdom of Ladakh is inaccessible by road for 9 months of the year, the 3 months it is open - is a busy time for the relatively few hotels, flights etc - for would would trekkers & travelers - so it is necessary to please book well in advance (we always try to accommodate late comers if your in ones or twos.) To ensure a place: (places are limited to ensure quality of journey's service) Please try to book two months in advance (also due to the new airline booking procedures in India.)
VISAS ... can be arranged with your travel agent or with the neares visa office to your place of residence. For UK there are several around the country ... Just call the main offcie in London Victoria to find the nearest office to you.
Passports must have at least 6 months validity remaining for entry inot India.