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Dear Anita

Thank you for sharing your love with me this week. I leave Moinos wishing I could stay, but learned the things I came here to learn, and then some. I will be forever grateful for your insights, tools and strength - for your power! - and will never forget you.

With love, Gillian

Gautama the Buddha

"This existence of ours is as transient as Autumn clouds...
To observe the birth and death of beings; is akin to the movements of a dance...
A lifetime is like am instant flash of lightening in the sky...
Rushing by, like a torrent down a steep mountain"

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Anita's Blog

Ladakhi / Himalayas

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A Potent Gateway and Opportunity for Healing

By Anita, Healing Medium

In these times when it is ever more apparent that certain established powers, whom are more often than not, instilling fear, limitation and dis-ease, to control and uphold themselves as being THE authority and whom have the monopoly on the truth, information and power, are doing all they can to remain in control over our lives. I find the urge within my heart to try and express my first hand experience and view on recent events concerning the sacred healing vortex the Casa De Dom Inacio, as well as John of God the man and medium in Brazil. These events are rippling out to create people to question their truths concerning spirituality and authorities that govern the planet from a human standpoint.

I would like to try to provide a truer first hand version than is being reported in the mass media machine that we are all subjected to on a daily basis. The issue of handing our power over to an external authority is age old, whether this be priests, teachers, doctors or anyone whom has power over our own well being and whom are in positions of authority. Is is not new, yet at the same time it seems that people are becoming wiser and seeing through the facade of the mass media machine... a big culprit of transmitting manipulative information to the public. Whether their aim is to denounce or uplift someone, is mostly for selfish gain power and money! This creates the risk of losing our own innate power of intuition and being guided by trust, truth and reclaiming our self authority, in what supports our well-being to be able to live a happier freer and healthier life.

I have always been moved to express and spread what i feel to be of help to others suffering or in need and that's why i have been involved in the healing field for over 32 years. This arising out of my past despair and pain out into the welcome light of day and supporting others to do the same.

The recent situation at the Casa de Dom Inacio healing sanctuary in Brazil, accusations and grossly misinterpreted media coverage. have now been condensed down to but a few, with any (if at all) substance. It is not my place to say what is or isn't fact. This i must highlight is about medium john of god, the man and NOTHING to do with the Casa nor certainly the ceaseless beautiful work of the healing spirit entities and doctors of the Casa. Again and again John of God has always said "It is not i who heals, but the healing spirits entities of love and light... God/Source whom heals and i am but a man... a simple uneducated man."

In the Casa right now this is being beautifully and powerfully shown... as while john of God is not present right now, it is as if the healing spirits have turned up their power and everybody whom is there and has been there recently while John is not there, are experiencing incredible healing or spontaneous healing operations while sitting in the healing rooms and even in their private rooms at their guest houses. Reports are coming in all the time but one case last week was of a man who turned up in trust and need of healing, he was blind in one eye and his eyesight was returned by sitting in the healing energy filed at the current rooms in the casa. This is not new; several times over the past 15 years of me being a guide at the casa, john the medium and man, has been away either travelling or taking care of his own health and family ect. The healing was still going on and was very feelable. The difference is that now it feels as if the healing spirits that have worked at the casa for near 5 decades have increased their presence and healing work on people... palpably, as if to show us all it is indeed they, and not any human authority who holds the monopoly on healing. These spirits , spirit doctors and saints worked there before john joined, worked during he was there and are still very much in evidence today and it will continue on. This was also made clear by the thousands of distant healing by photo offered, (although is far stronger to be there in person). So what's being experienced there right now is special and so sending out the message that we can reclaim our own trust and power in a higher law than any human authority in a position of power. It is very positive and a timely occurrence.

sacred healing sanctuary in Abadiania

This sacred healing sanctuary in Abadiania is a huge portal of healing energy and personally (as well as thousands of others i have met there or worked with) i experience it as the most powerful healing Gateway on the planet today... and i have stayed in several over my 32 years of working in the healing field.The healing energies of love and light permeate the village and are very much alive! I am happy to report visitors in need of healing or to connect to spiritual entities are continuing to come whether john the man is there or not and that's wonderful! God's presence is being beautifully felt. I must add here that this is not just simple positive thinking this is way beyond that... the spirits that work there can be palpably felt and spiritual invisible operations have occurred even by those of lesser faith. John the man was a medium there... a man that was not the bestower of the healing even though I really must stress that he did with incredible dedication and constancy, offer so many years and many hours day year after year, without fail or holiday in service to support the work. This becoming clearer and clearer to all whom are visiting.

In any case all those who have visited there know that when we present to John of God we are literally there in front of him for a couple of seconds that's it. The real healing takes place in the healing rooms, crystal beds, sacred waterfall where the healing spirits have said they work and where i personally received a healing some years ago, or in one's own room at the guest house.

It is for this reason i had the urge to share this with people, especially whom have not yet visited the casa and whom are in need of either physical, emotional, mental or spiritual healing, whom might have found it hard to understand otherwise how the healing is taking place at the casa. I feel it would be sad and a waste of an opportunity if people in need don't come because john the man whom was medium there, might not be present.I do however understand some visitors would not understand, so i try to convey things how they actually are. I can only try to convey my honest experience and that of thousands upon thousands of people healed there, many whom were mere "believers" but as soon as they came to the casa realised they had not really felt this presence of spirit to KNOW it is true. Again, Abadiania and the casa are still very much alive and the energetic force field of love light transmitted by the healing spirits and doctors are working for us!

Until things settle with the authorities, it will take some time for it to become clear if John the medium and previous overseer of the casa will be back and if so when. Or if someone else might wish join, there are already mediums sitting in the healing rooms at present and will continue to do so. This is all up to human law and also a higher law that ultimately decides what's best. Also whether there was any grain of truth in the accusations or not, i am clear in my heart that John the man is one thing and I don't judge nor condone anything that is in error re him... that is not my place. I am far more interested in the potency and opportunity for healing to continue via the vital forces that are really transmitting healing at the casa.

It is my wish to dispel the notion that the authority whom is john the man, when he left on the day the media descended while he was trying to work, is the one whom is doing the healing. Indeed as he left he said "Santa Rita ... take over now..." (Santa Rita is the pure saint of so called impossible or difficult cases and she was the first saint and spirit to appear to work around John many years ago... and everyone now at the casa and since then has reported the smell of roses everywhere as is the case when she is working.

Do we embrace fear or do we embrace love ( its opposite) when fear arises the one and only antidote to fear is love... to love more!

Photo healing is still possible, the entities are the ones that see to that and photos are placed in the same places as always were at the casa. No herbs are being prescribed at present.

I along with my team, happily will continue my trips to the casa and warmly welcome those who wish to come and those in need of healing. Offering guidance to all the usual casa protocols . Everything is open as usual , the lines of visitors that go past the area where now Santa Ritas presence is, all the healing current rooms, the crystal beds, the sacred waterfall The main hall and the garden. On the days the current rooms are closed for energetic cleansing I continue to offer my full support for group process and meetings, meditations, walks, visit to the sacred waterfall and one day to visit a nearby colonial charming small town and the vibrant waterfalls in the Beautiful nature nearby.

I offer the best of my spiritual support gathered over 32 years and more as well as practical organisation and hotel reservations and taxis to and from airport.

Any questions do not hesitate to ask... we will be happy to help.

May truth light and well being prevail for all !