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Dear Anita

Thank you for sharing your love with me this week. I leave Moinos wishing I could stay, but learned the things I came here to learn, and then some. I will be forever grateful for your insights, tools and strength - for your power! - and will never forget you.

With love, Gillian

Gautama the Buddha

"This existence of ours is as transient as Autumn clouds...
To observe the birth and death of beings; is akin to the movements of a dance...
A lifetime is like am instant flash of lightening in the sky...
Rushing by, like a torrent down a steep mountain"

If you really do wish to change...

Then Start Now!

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Ladakhi / Himalayas

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 John of God Guided Tour Group Itinerary

You will be met at Brazilia airport in Brazil. There will be a name sign with your name at the glass doors as you exit after collecting your baggage at airport. Please wait there until you see the sign. You will then be brought the one and half hour drive up to the crystal hill-scapes and the healing village of Abadiania where John of God has his healing center.

  •  We optimize your healing possibilities, by booking accommodation for your full stay in Abadiania  and not dividing energies by staying anywhere on the way  on arrival in Brazilia you will be brought directly to the healing village to be prepared in time and in depth , for the healing work with John Of God.
  •  Arriving at the guest house in Abadiania  you will be shown your room to shower, unpack and have a rest.... perhaps enjoy the garden . Lunch with group depending on what time your flight arrives and start to accustom yourself to the tanglible energies of being here in the healing village.

  • Rest of the day to rest and settle in and see to any practical needs. Chance for individual  meeting with Anita.Massage or crystal bed . ( depending on arrival time.)

  • Officially the group will meet after lunch on Tuesday when all the group will have arrived.

  • Group Orientation and go through all  requirements in meeting with John of God the following day

  • Individual interview possible for those whom wish to go through requests for John of God privately. (There will be opportunity for private sessions throughout the 2 weeks period)

  • Anita will share with the group the background of spiritual work at the casa and sue her own skills learned over many years in healing and spiritual work to enable participants to understand the process offered here at the casa and to enable you to receive the optimum results for your healing here.

  • General talk on group schedule and questions.

  • There will be a Group meditation.
Tour around the healing center / Casa to get an idea of the protocol for the next days at the Casa. There will also be a chance to see the general lay out of the village, maybe have a juice at the wonderful juice bar nearby.

After dinner  we can have a stroll or settle in for the night as early start next day to meet with John of God, up with the bird song!

Casa healing days with John of God ... are Wednesday, Thursday and Friday both am and pm of every week , so in any 2 week trip there will be a chance to be with John of God for 12 sessions.

Casa Day Schedule

Group meets at 6.45-7.15 for breakfast. Promptly we will head for Casa at 7.15am

Wait in the main hall for the lines to go through and see John of God. here we will engage in prayers, meditation, as well as being able to watch John of God in action ( with physical surgeries on video while waiting our turn.) Entities start working on us already in the waiting halls and surroundings .

It is very important we arrive early as many people will be going through is good to be nearer the front of the line rather than the back. and also have a seat rather than stand for hours.

You will received my full support while going through all casa protocols ( which are often very confusing for first timers) Therefore you will be able to allow yourselves to give it up to your guide and use your time and focus for your healing process.

Everyone goes through in appropriate lines for them aided by Anita whom will help with translations. Once given directions by John of God we will meet outside, where i will give further instruction on whats next for your particular personal protocol.

Sessions at the Casa start at the Casa at 7.30 and continue until every last person has been seen. This can take from One and half hours up to Five depending on how many people have come to see John! In general however, the average is 2 to 3 Hours.

Once the morning sessions with John of God have ended we can have blessed soup in the garden restaurant , meet with friends, group, take quiet time in the garden or on the meditation pagoda overlooking the open country. We can take full advantage and spend time absorbing the powerful and loving energies of this healing vortex.

Free time until lunch

Pousada lunch and group meeting over lunch between 12 and 1.30. Plus/or rest.

Afternoon sessions start again at 2 pm. group meets at 1.30 at Pousada to walk to Casa together.

We will wait in the main hall in line to see John of god or sit in the current rooms as per directed by John of God in the morning session.

For those whom will sit in the current rooms, you will need to enter the current room promptly at 1.30 to ensure a seat. Afternoon sessions will end when John of God has seen the last person wishing to see him. This is usually around 4 to 5 pm.

Free time until dinner: Dinner 6 to 8pm

Dinner also serves to discuss any needs and to enjoy being together and share.

Early to bed , to be ready and fresh for the next days sessions at the casa!

You can also go and have a juice and cake at the local juice bars and cafe. Sit in the soft lighted garden to reflect or just be quiet in your room or balcony under the stars.

Also is VERY important to take personal time out to reflect on your process and absorb the days healing energies that have so lovingly been given.

Important notice to anyone whom would like to be part of a group yet whom needs a lot of time in solitude, you will be able to do this whenever you feel to do so. We are very understanding of this and are able to carefully balance these needs.

None Casa Days

Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday , are the days when we need to digest the powerful healing energies and operations that have been experienced. Do not make the assumption that these days are days when healing is not taking place. IT IS! These days are often days when we need to take the time to be with our own processes and take time out to meditate , pray, reflect, read ,write, walk, sleep, or just be with ourselves.

Often people have ups and downs of energy levels and need to listen to their own body re what they need thats best for their healing to deepen. You will be coached on this but ultimately you will feel whats best for you. People often find that the healing that goes on even on these "off" casa days is palpable , strong and very valuable.
Please understand that even though John of God wont be at the casa on these days you are free to visit the Casa and enjoy all the facilities. The healing spirits will be working with you directly. Both in and around the Casa as well as your room. Especially while you are sleeping, so early nights advised!

You may also feel is good to take gentle walks in and around the village and nature or even take time with a friend, have a crystal bath , spend as much time at the casa as possible in the garden , on the meditation pagoda or in the main hall in meditation and prayer. It is sweet to sit in the nature here listening to the many birds that live here, as well as the full bounty of colours that feed your soul. There is something about this natural setting and the crystals under your feet that really allows you to feel the presence of spirit here.

Group will also have one group waterfall visit where you will be shown the protocol for visiting this sacred waterfall on site. The walk to the waterfall is beautiful and the open countryside here is awe inspiring . We may also take a taxi depending on what is appropriate after healing. Anita had a spiritual intervention at the waterfall and encourages her groups to visit as often as they feel drawn to or again, when is appropriate. After having once visited the waterfall with group you may then go again when you wish to but always with another person and never alone.

There are also quite a few good shops selling crystals in the village as well as artisanal items like jewellery and hammocks, as well as white clothes . Also at the casa bookshop there are some good books that you can read or buy as gifts to take home re the work at the Casa and the base of Spiritism and healing. Another nice way to show others what this place offers is to buy a DVD video there are a couple of really good ones that show what goes on here.You may also buy crystals and triangles blessed by John Of Gods entities as well as blessed water.

You may also spend some time sitting in one of the local cafes. There are some really delicious fresh juices and cakes to be tasted! The village is small and most of the people that live and work here have some connection with the casa and therefore are supportive of the healing process. However it is important to spend as much time at the casa as possible even on off days.

Over the course of the 4 days guide will have free time to re charge! Sometimes a full day or very occasionally a weekend depending on what she feels is appropriate.In general is just a day and sometimes not even a full day, then she pops in for lunch with group.

There will also be time for a group meditation (optional) or even a day out to see local beauty spots (again if appropriate depending on each persons healing process.) This is optional and there will also will be a small extra charge for this.( Approx $70 / £45)

If anyone needs to go to a bank or need some other service in nearby town we can arrange for a taxi whom will wait for you outside the bank.
Please note: Some banks in some countries like UK , block your card automatically if you try to draw money out of ATM in Brazil as well as other countries, so please notify your bank you are coming to Brazil and for what time period , then they know and will leave your account alone! This is to protect your account ( as well as their own interests) Town is half an hour away. Best to keep this for emergency only . Unless you dont get surgery and feel you must shop or bank. This will cost approx.  $50 or £30

On the last night we may have a group goodbye dinner in an outside restaurant (optional) We also like to ask each person in the group reserve a little sum to give to the kitchen staff as a tip. They work very hard for us and are also very friendly ,they greatly appreciate your gratitude. Suggested   $15-25/ 10 to 15 pounds UK.

Weeks 2 and 3 Casa Days

These weeks will be the same process as the first , so take as much free time during "days off" to digest your healing and reflect, meditate, pray or simply rest and enjoy just being in this energy vortex of Abadiania, as Casa days are very structured.

We will arrange taxis for you to take you back to airport and if you wish to visit the Pyramid Temple of Goodwill on the way. There is a labyrinth and an Egyptian Meditation room to spend time in as well as a shop and cafe. It is a building of abundant space and light and the energy there is beautiful. You may give taxi a little tip for doing this. Otherwise if you would like an extra tour of Brazilia city interesting sites, it can be arranged on the day of departure for a small extra cost to taxi driver of Approx. 70 Reas Brazilian ( 30 pounds UK or 50 dollars US)

Enjoy your trip home and take back with you this once in a lifetime experience that you have had together. (Unless of course you will come back again! Which many so want to do!) There will still be healing that continues back at home during the whole time you are taking the herbs. Once back home you will have the chance to feel what you have gained and the changes that have occurred through being with us here.