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Dear Anita

Thank you for sharing your love with me this week. I leave Moinos wishing I could stay, but learned the things I came here to learn, and then some. I will be forever grateful for your insights, tools and strength - for your power! - and will never forget you.

With love, Gillian

Gautama the Buddha

"This existence of ours is as transient as Autumn clouds...
To observe the birth and death of beings; is akin to the movements of a dance...
A lifetime is like am instant flash of lightening in the sky...
Rushing by, like a torrent down a steep mountain"

If you really do wish to change...

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John of god distant healing

"Dear Anita,

Thank you so much for your help and the intervention for my aunty Nancy and Antonio. I would to share with you that my aunty had a successful brain surgery and she is in recovery. When I spoke with her on the phone this morning she told me that Jesus and John of God were there the night before of the surgery and John of God took her hands and said that all will be well and she will be healed but she has then to give her testimony.

The Doctor had advice that probably because the surgery my aunty could have mobility incapacity in her left size of the body but she is completely normal. I am sure that God and the Entity were with her as she described.I want to thank you from the bottom of my hearth for all your help.

God bless you, much love, Ludmel"

Also see the Distant operation video from the famous Wayne Dyer click here

Please write and ask if the distant healing is being offered as ... there are times when is not possible for me to offer this service, so a short Email saves time on both sides , Then once is confirmed i can offer the service , you can go ahead and send all details photo ALL IN ONE E.MAIL PLEASE otherwise we cannot accept. Also then send payment/donation all at same time to avoid confusion and time. to Paypal address or click deposit button on front page. Thanks.

Please see the famous Wayne Dyer video to learn how he healed Leukemia when he had a surrogate surgery from John of God . You can see this video on the healing testimonials video page on home page right menu.

Distant Healing

To receive photo/blessing or distant operation we shall require all of the following information from you:

  • Full name

  • Full address and country

  • Date of birth ( or if unknown an idea of age)

  • Recent average size photo (Full body length and dressed in light clothes ) ONE Photo please. Photo must be easy to print off and not sent as large

  • Description of your condition that requires healing or support, BRIEF Please

  • An introduction E.mail with your formal request BEFORE sending payments and donations for distant healing to Paypal .

  • Payment for costs and donation for the service offered. See the bottom of this page - payments accepted via Paypal
Email all of the above information to:

Want to find out more? Contact Anita click here
Tel. Brazil +55 62 8258 3008
Tel. Cell +44 (0) 79 49916170

Please donate and pay via Paypal

Please e mail Anita before booking any service to check on availability and details.
If you do not have a Paypal account just click "Pay with debit or credit card" after clicking your selected button below. Please check with the currency converter on the Paypal site for current exchange rates, when you click the payment button.

Payment for Distant Healing costs / Donations
Photo Blessing/Healing at distance.

Recently the way Distant healing services is performed has changed:

You may opt for the photo to be presented to John Of God in Entity for Distant photo Blessing with NO Herbs.
Also you may opt to have the photo presented and ask to have the work done there and then with John Of God at the time of presenting the photo. Recently John Of God has said he will perform all the "work" at the time and day of presenting the photo in the 2nd time line queue, without a surrogate operation or without following the 40 day protocol.
often in these cases no herbs are prescribed.

If you prefer to have herbs please specify and send payment separately below and if they are prescribed we will send them to you.

Rarely these days, John Of God in Entity will place an "X" on your photo . This does not mean he no longer send the healing operations if you do not have an "X", nor does it mean you ought not come here in person. It simply means he has said this person can be operated on if they come here and he can help heal them. They ideally need come to the Casa for their work. If this is not possible it may be possible for further work be done here from Distance. In that case ONLY would you now need to follow the 40 day protocol and we would advise you on what that is.) We will always inform you if this happens.

Please note: very rarely does John Of God in Entity comment when given photos. If ever he did we would tell you. In general he does not.

This is how the recent way of working for Distant photo Healing takes place:

We will sit in the healing current and cleansing rooms with your photo for one session, connecting to the energies of love and light. We then will present your photo and details to the spirits working through John Of God in the 2nd time line queue, during the following session. We will ask for either help at distance, ( no herbs.) Or we will ask for herbs and for the op to be done at distance via John Of God. He usually says yes and "I will do the work" that will happen there and then and continues more subtly ahead. Mainly best to sleep early that night , with a prayerful attitude in receiving healing. On this day you may try to tune in and think of John Of God's Healing spirits, pray,meditate or just rest when you can.


IF herbs are prescribed , they will be posted to you, to be expected to arrive in Approximately 2 to 3 weeks. Sometimes this can be less and sometimes a little more. Never give your herbs to anyone else, nor take another's herbs. Besides their herbal qualities, these herbs are patterned very specifically for you and are carriers of the Spiritual Healing energies of The Casa De Dom Inacio, John Of Gods Healing center and Energy Portal.

There is a wonderful book by a Japanese scientist named Masuru Emoto " Messages from water", where he shows a very real proof of how energy effects us and is carried via a carrier ( ie.Water) and in the casa De Dom Inacio's case Herbal supplements and water bought at the Casa, with high and loving light intentions patterned for healing.

The physical componant of the herbs is Passiflora, a well known beneficial herb that is both a mild calmant and an antidepressant . Passiflora ( Or Passionflower) is very beneficial for the whole body. Yet it's physical effects are no more than a mild chamomile tea. It has been scientifically studied and found to be very good for many reasons.

Take the herbs with Faith , Thankfulness and Love. Take them consciously and till the full course is finished. They will not interfere with any medications from orthodox Doctors, or any medical work being done. If you feel you are allergic to them, you may take the pot(s) and place them nearby your photo and original request for healing. Leave them there till the would be duration of herbal course.Take 3 times a day with or without food. Each batch of herbs lasts for approx 2 months. This is therefore a commitment on your part, towards your healing. Relax Let go and Let God! Let go of all the worry and negativity that you are able to.

There is a diet to follow laid out by the Healing spirits and that includes no Alcohol, no hot and spicy food like chile peppers ect. ( bell peppers are fine) no ferltilized eggs ( ask your store) try to follow a sensible and healthy diet while taking the herbs, as much as possible, plenty of fresh veg, fruit and salad.

You may request a further Distant Healing, once the herbs are finished, if you feel would be beneficial and we would again present your photo and request
more herbs. This work is a work of great love and is very subtle and gentle in its deliverance. Do not worry about it being too intense or strong. However its effects can be profound . In any case the work is very helpful and many people have been helped, healed, supported and sometimes suprised at its effects and many are very grateful . However we have to mention there is no guarantee of success, or degree of success . In general, a far stronger option would be, if are able to come in person to immerse yourself in the healing powers of this energy Portal. Maybe it is a good chance to have this distant healing while waiting to come or for sure, if unable to come. Time and Space however, do not effect the way spirit moves in the same way as us humans. Try no understand this is not a work of logical, nor rational, this is an invisible work of Spirit and higher dimensions than the limited mind can grasp.
Be patient, sometimes miraculous healings occur like this, but on general they take time and it is a process. Look out for healing coming in the form of dreams, realizations, shifts in energy, ways of thinking, synchronicities , bodily feelings or support coming through other channels as if by divine order! At the time of photo being presented and healing sent you might feel a little tired or "different" Respect your body within limits and rest if you can. It has to be your responsibility in asking your G.P. If is fine for you to take these herbs.

We recently changed the way we offer this service so is on a costs and Donation basis.

Costs $75 US, ( Approx 50 pounds UK) as follows:

Going to internet cafe several times and cost of internet time , printed details sheet and also printed photo and ink.
Buying herbal supplements if prescribed.
Postage and packing.
Web upkeep and google monthly charges for being able to have this service displayed and available .

Service we provide by Donation, as follows:

Spending time going to the internet cafes and to and from time in E mailing .

Going to the Casa De Dom Inacio for one session and sitting in the current, healing and cleansing rooms with your photo while sitting as medium, to immerse in this immense energy field of Love and Light with your photo , details and requests for help.

Going again to the Casa De Dom Inacio and sitting or standing in the large main hall for hours , while waiting to go in queue to see John Of God in 2nd time line and present your photo and details.

Following the 2nd time queue when called and when arriving in front of John Of God, presenting your photo and requests fr healing. We will ask for herbs of required and we we will ask for him to "do the work" and do a distant op if required, We will ask for photo blessing if required . If an "X" is placed on your photo ( rare recently) we will inform you and either support your coming to be healed in person or suggest further work here in the meantime and act as surrogate , if John of God deems needed. Usually he will himself will do the work .

After seeing John Of God we will go to the pharmacy and queue up to buy your herbs.

We will then package them and go around all the guest houses, cafes in the village or in the Casa itself, to find suitable and willing couriers to bring your herbs to your country or to their respective nearby countries and to go to their post office and post them onto you.
We will inform you the herbs are on their way and how the presenting photo and healing day went.

Last e mail re herbs received.
Update of any changes to protocol at the casa re distant healing.
This work is offered from the Heart and a donation is highly appreciated to help to be able to continue this service.
Extra support Available:

Skype Phone Sessions.
Costs $120 Dollars per session. ( approx £75 UK Sterling)

As a very much heartfelt part of the work Anita does: she may also be available for 45 mins to 1 Hour long Skype sessions, ( or phone in some instances but not cell!) to support your healing with Hypnotherapy and Hypno -Healing, life coaching and counseling, as well as Astrology chart readings and guided Meditations. Also any guidance re the casa work. Anita is known for her soft and penetrating healing voice during her work. Mainly it is her love of what she does and connection to source, that provides a safe and beautiful ground for healing. (See Your Guide page Cellular Healing page for more on this)

Anita also offers these sessions as a separate work form the Casa , for friends whom might feel they would like this support, even if they do not require healing service from the Casa and John Of God.
Please E.mail Anita to see when she is available.

Warmly welcome and Godbless.

Please E mail Anita at before sending required info and payment for details on how to book distant operation healing service

Coming to the Casa with Photos

You may also bring photos of loved ones and friends when you visit the casa De Dom Inacio for healing.Please bear in mind that if the photo is shown to John of God in Entity, healing herbs may or may not be prescribed.

Please respect other people's wishes and bring photos for healing with their permission. Also they need to play an active, if only emotionally active part in their healing process and whenever possible they need to be aware of the healing. It is clearly understood however, sometimes this is not at all possible and is absolutely o.k. e.g. if someone is too ill to agree or in a coma or something similar.
To understand a little more on invisible spiritual healing and distance healing, please see "Cellular healing" page on this site, or please ask me. John of God

Please e mail Anita before ordering the Healing at distance for details on how to book and availability,
Thank you.